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Showing posts from January, 2004

Happy Birthday Mom!

It's my mom's birthday today and I don't get to call her and give her greetings :( By the time I get off the plane at Heathrow, she'll be off at work at her new job and when she get's home (she's doing 2nd shift) it will be the wee hours in London.

Heading out to London

I'm going to London on Monday. This will be my second overseas birthday, and buch less of a whirlwind trip than the one for the Big Three Oh was. And I get to see The Doc sigh. He has planned breakfast in bed for the birthday and then we are going to a matinee of The Moustrap.

My comments were off-line for a bit as the company I was using is no more. But the good folks at HaloScan have taken up the hosting, even retaining the old comments.