Thursday, August 09, 2012

On the Sticks

Our new house is much closer to the T station than our apartment was, but it is further out on the red line. This gives me a much longer ride and I've been taking the opportunity to get more knitting in. It's hard to knit at home with a active near-toddler so the commute is really the best time I have.

Peek-A-Boob halter
Never going to work for me
Since I not only nurse my daughter but also pump milk at work, I find I have to be mindful of what I wear all the time so that I can have access. With that in mind, I decided to make a nursing sweater. does have a pattern for a nursing halter, but while it looks nice, it's not going to offer me any support (I am MUCH more generously endowed than the model) so I had to think of something else.  I like the idea of something I could lift rather than pull down so decided to work something up myself.

sweater in progress
Work in progress
Knitty had a pattern for a very easy pullover called Tempting that gave me an idea. The eyelet holes at the top might just work  as a decorative edge for somthing that lifts up from the middle. I decided to use this pattern for the bottom and add the eyelets halfway. I also bound off the front half and then continued the top using the pattern for Tempting II. Pardon the stained office carpet, but you can see here how the two peices are put together with a gap in the front. The ribbon will be thread in the middle, tying the top half down. I may add a discreet button or two as well to make sure it stays in place. I then need only untie the ribbon, lift and nurse!

Hopefuly once I finish and weave in ALLLL the ends the humidity will drop and I'll have a chance to wear it. It actually knit up fairly quickly so I may even try another one to add to my autumn wardrobe. Now if only I could get a sewing room together at home I could try for some skirts or trousers to complete the look.