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World Series Bound! Fuckin A!

They did it! They fucking did it! And my man Johnny ROCKS! Johnny Damon, Johnny Damon
Johnny Damon, Johnny Damon
You're an angel to me

Johnny Damon
How I love him
How I tingle
When he hits that ball
Everytime the Yankees fall
My heart begins to fly

Johnny Damon
How I want him
He's got something
That fans can't resist
And he makes Derek Jeter
Really damned pissed

I'm in heaven
I get carried away
I dream of him and Sox
And how he really rocks
Other fellows
They may hit a homerun
But when they all are done
My Johnny is more fun

My Johnny Damon
How we love him
And I pray
That someday he will see
Sox win World Serie'
How lovely Heaven will be

Sox win World Serie'
How lovely Heaven will beStretching for the rhyme there at the end, but it's late, and you get the point.

Fucking baseball

I'm exhausted and I need to go to bed but I checked the fucking scores anyway. It's the top of the nineth and we're up 2, but I know I can't go to bed until after the inning. If it goes into extrea innings I'll go to bed and hear it in the morning, but I can't just leave it during regular play.

And I'm not even a sports fan, dammit! But This Could Be THE YEAR!


My landlord called me at work from my apartment to tell me he sat down on the couch (he's there while the windows are being finished) and the cat came over to curl up next to him. While he called, the cat dozed off and he just thought it was a very cute scene.

Just thgought I'd share.