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Breakfast, anyone?

We hosted the breakfast for our neighbourhood for Boston Shines (a big clean-up) this morning. One neighbour brought two HUGE boxes of doughnuts, one made two coffee cakes and I provided the savouries.

I was asked, after posting some pictures on Facebook, for the recipes, so here we go with them.
Breakfast Toad-in-the-HoleSaut√© sliced mushrooms in butter  with a little pepper until browned. Remove from pan.Cook sliced small tomatoes in same pan (add more fat as needed), browning both sides. Remove from pan.In same pan cook bacon (I did the facon in this pan but it could be back bacon). Remove and crumble.Cook link sausages (4) in the pan until browned. Cut into thirds, remove.In a blender, whiz up three large eggs. Add 2/3 cup of flour and some salt. Deglaze the cooking pan with milk. Add the milk to the egg/flour. Add enough milk to make the mixture the thickness of heavy cream.Heat oven to 400FAdd fat to pudding/muffin tins. Sprinkle bacon in the fat, place in oven until hot and bu…