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Oscar Wilde only wished he was this gay

I had originally planned to be Tinkerbell at work for Halloween, but then the thought occurred that with my new shorter hair and better figure, I could be Mr. B Natural, known best to fans of MST3K from the short before War of the Colossal Beast (ep 319, if you're counting).

Tried to make a jacket, but then I got sick and had no desire to sit down and sew, so I cheated and bought a blazer at the Goodwill for $6 and accessorized with the felt that I bought. Unfortunately, it doesn't quite capture the full appeal of Mr B as the jacket is kind of big and doesn't show off my breasts, but the shiny leotard is visible (the word "Speedo" fortunately covered) and it is, I think, a suitable scary image for the feast of the dead.

See Buzz, it's fun to be psychotic
Boss Lady sent me home. Hey, I've got a ton of sick days saved up, so I might as well be here feeling mildly nauseous than at work feeling mildly nauseous. I still have to go out later and buy cat food, but I can nap and read and all that other day-off stuff first. And eat bland bread products. Joy.

Well that was petulent

I'm feeling a bit off this morning. When I got on the train, I started to feel ill and figured it was just from tea and a multivitamin on an empty stomach, but if I'm posting pissy things (and wrote and email to my love that was just as irritated), I'm probably feeling off in a general sense.

But I'm at work now and have a clear calendar. If I'm still feeling oogie later, I'll just go home. But first, some bread to settle my stomach.

New blog entry

Just 'cuz. Exciting? No.

The Doc complained that I haven't written anything, but since I've had nothing at all to write, I thought it best to leave this un-updated. Obviously I'm not taking my own advice

Ridiculed and Chastized

Okay, perhaps not ridiculed, but definately chastized for not blogging. The Doc is waiting for me to blog more about his visit (not that he's posted anything yet) and I just haven't been up to any non-food blogging yet.

What I have been up to is getting into my cold weather hobby: knitting. I finished his hat while he was here, and have started working on the matching scarf. I unfortunately started it with #7 needles and should be doing it with #6, so I have to start over. I the mean time, I made a catnip eggroll for Bogie from He seems to dig it.

The Doc did actually leave the hat here (in my backpack that he was using to carry his laptop) and I ended up wearing it to work today because my hair was still wet when I left the house. On him, it looks kind of thuggy. On me, it looks like I'm coming home from chemo. But I've only got the shot of him.

Just barely work-safe

I'm going through some of the pictures and videos from The Doc's visit and feel compelled to post this video of us kissing. Not only do you, the reader, get to experience vicarious thrills of two random people kissing in bed, you get to see my amazing multi-tasking skills as I hold the camera while snogging.

And no, there is no sound on it.

Memories of Ice Cream Kisses

Well, The Doc is off, sitting somewhere near his gate now at Logan. I saw him as far as security would allow and then made my way outside for a smoke and a sob on my way to a taxi.

This week has been wonderful. I think we've discovered that tourism makes me cranky (the worst I got was when we went to the Museum of Science and I just wanted to be alone and cry when we got home), but aside from that, we did well together for a week. The bed is going to be lonely without him. And I think tea may be my new breakfast item.

He may be the only person whose first impression of Boston is all the Asian food. I seemed to take him on the Pan-Asian Food Fest Tour, starting with dim saam on Sunday, my own stir-fry on Monday, noodles (lo mein and chow fun) on Wednesday, various Malaysian things on Thursday, Thai on Friday and finally, vegetarian Vietnamese today. At least he knows how I usually eat. (and he did at least get junk food at the Lowell Lock Monsters game)

Ice cream has been ano…

Having a lovely holiday

As hostesses go, I've been pretty crappy, only taking him to the Museum of Science and wandering around Chinatown and Harvard Square. But he's gotten to see a lot of my bed, so that's cool.

Oh, and we went out to Edrie's last night for dinner, which gave him a chance to see somthing other than the city for a change. And she gave him a wonderful birthday present of a watch. So now he can stop asking me what time it is :-)

He's here

The Doc made it here, safe and sound. He got a little hung up at immigration, but made it through, none the worse for wear.

Sunday we went in to Boston's wee Chinatown and had dim saam with my Cantonese teacher at Grand China (now called Empire Garden, but everyone still knows it as Grand China), which is in an old theatre and sill has the beautiful ceilings with murals and gold trim. He got to try lots of things he's never had (or heard of) and it was quite fun.

Later we went to Filene's and I bought him two shirts, because they were on sale and I thought they would look good on him :-) By the time I got him home, jet lag was taking its toll and a pre- co-op nap was in order. He seemed to get on well with the co-op group (and it was nearly a full house) and a good time was had by all.

So today it was Show The Bit of Stuff Around the Office Day. That went well too and then I brought him home to make it Uninstall the Air Conditioner Day (as well as Shove all this Cr…

Arrival Immanent

The Doc will be hopping a train (in the paid for a ticket kind of way, not the hobo way) after work today to take him down to London. It's a four hour train ride, but he'll still be getting there 14 hours before his plane leave. It would be a good time to check out some museums (most have coat/bag checks so he wouldn't need to lug the backpack around), get a meal or three or some such.

Unfortunately this also means that we will be out of contact for a while. I'll just have to send out my good vibes (and maybe hope he stops at Bar Italia in Soho for a little laptop time) and clean, and await his arrival Saturday evening.


He doesn't even like cats, but Accordion Guy has declaired today First Annual Post a Picture of a Cat to Your Blog day. So here is mine.

Cat stats:
Age - 12
Sex - Male (neutered)
Breed - Siamese mix
Disposition - grumpy
Health - not bad overall, but he need prescription food