Monday, July 11, 2011

Sling # 1 Finished!

The rings for the new baby sling arrived on Friday. For some reason I was thinking that one ordered them singly (which would not really make sense) so when I ordered two of each color I was actually ordering two pairs of each. This is not a problem as I planned to make us two slings each anyway.

This is the fabric I bought. I had already ordered purple rings so went for something with some purple in it. It's a heavy cotton/linen, that actually seems like it might be a bit much now that it's made (another reason I'm making several.) As it happened, we were doing laundry on Friday so I had this in the dryer when the post arrived with the rings.

finished sling
I had to hand sew the last of it as the layers were so thick. I may altar the pattern a bit for future ones to make that easier. Once it was finished, I threaded it, tried it on and had to make sure it would work for carrying. Who says cats aren't my first babies!

When I was finished with the sewing machine, Spouse decided to take it for a spin and learn it's action.
DoctorMO sewing
Since he'll be making the cloth nappies, it was a good chance for him to get used to the machine. It was just some scrap fabric, but he got to see what it was capable of and then went on a hunt for nappy patterns. One suggested buying flannel shirts at the Goodwill as it makes the nicest outer layers. Since we have a Goodwill just down the street, this sounds great to us. Next step: sourcing diaper pins!

Wednesday, July 06, 2011

Sew What

I've not been sewing at all. All my grand schemes of homemade maternity and baby clothes are as dust. But I did find something easy to make that might get me inspired! A Baby Sling!

Spouse and I are pretty much on the same page in terms of how we're going to care for this upcoming child and baby wearing is part of that. However, there are several different types of slings and other carriers out there, none of them cheap, and how do we know which kind we'll like? I had been gravitating toward ring-adjusted slinks like the Maya and lo and behold they have a pattern to make your own on their site! I've gone ahead and ordered two sets of rings and now need to hit the fabric shop!

In other pregnancy-related news, I keep waiting for that nesting instinct to kick in where all I want to do is clean. I've done some random cleaning, like scrubbing the cupboard doors in the middle of the night, but that's mainly because I can't sleep because of RSL and start to get bored. I think I'll scrub the floor the next night I'm up (probably tonight). If I make a nice list of things that actually need cleaning, I might have a spotless home. Not that I'll really appreciate it since I'm a bit of a zombie from sleep deprivation (I know, get used to it. But honestly, babies actually do sleep more than 2-4 out of 24 hours, which is what my nights have been like)

Spouse has been pestering me to start baking bread again. We've been running out a lot and I just haven't been motivated. He convinced me that if I prep the dough and set it out to rise before I leave for work, he can take care of the baking before he leaves. Sounds like a plan to me! I might even slip in some nice risen sweet rolls in the mix so he can have a treat to take out of the oven as well.