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Showing posts from January, 2006

A week until England

I'm going over to see MO next week. I haven't been on a longer trip (more than a couple days) in two years! I'm feeling guilty that he's come here more than I've gone there. Although two visits from him last year were great.

This trip I'm going to try to visit Richard Vobes too. MO got me into the RVRS and I've become a forum junky there too.

I should write more

Just a thought. I'm still tired of being fat, but even more so after videoing myself walking around the kitchen in my underwear (I'm fat even in a girdle! Great!).

This will probably be the year Martin and I finally move in together, provided I get his CV done so he can look for a job in the States. Rather a scary and strange thing that, but I think I'm ready. I haven't lived with a boyfriend since 1994. I'd like to think I've grown since then (not just around the middle). And I know Martin has grown tremendously in the past year (still not around the middle here).