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Soup is good food

Yesterday I picked up some heirloom tomatoes at the farmers' market with a plan for summer soup. I fear the blight will make tomatoes scarce and expensive later this summer, so I thought I'd try this out while I had the chance (gone is the day when the non-heirlooms went on sale at the market for $1/lb!).

In spite of the heat, I decided to roast the tomatoes. I quartered (or sixthed if they were larger) them and placed cut side down on an oiled baking sheet an broiled for 15 minutes until the skin was partially blackened. While that was going on, I threw some sliced onion (also from farmers' market) in a pan to soften and partly caramelize. I removed about a third of the onion and then added the tomatoes, chopped, and some jarred roasted red peppers. About a cup tomato and some red pepper was left aside. The last thing to go in were a few big cloves of garlic I fished out of my pickle jar (did I mention I made pickles last week?) and set it all to simmer until flavours min…