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Birthday kntting

I got two books and a knitting bag for my birthday.

The one on the left, Naughty Needles, was from my mom. Go mom! She saw it in a shop in Montreal and thought of me instantly but didn't buy it. So after kicking herself for not getting it, she found it on Amazon and had it sent.

So last night, I made pasties from the book and followed with the g-string today from the website

I tried the pasties on last night to good reviews. Well, one review. I told Spouse there was still some Bailey's left after I put a splash in the custard. He said, "Mmmhmm." and then asked if there was any Bailey's. "Yes. I just said so." "Oh. Did you put some in the custard?" Now honestly, how much more stereotypic husband behaviour could you get? But he justified t when I called him on it with, "I'm sorry, wasn't listening. I was too busy staring at your breasts." Well, at least he's honest.

And in case you're curious, here's what that…

Baby it's cold outside!

Spouse was numb by the time he got to work and has requested legwarmers. I think I'm going to go for long socks instead, again from Essentials for the Forces. I'll pick up some #1 needles on my way home, but for added warmth I'm going to do them in DK/sport weight that I have kicking around the house. I may even try doing two at once. Wish me luck.

Baby knitting

Sorry I've not posted in a while. I did manage to finish the Ubuntu bag and will post shots in the next day or so (I was chastised for not doing it). In the meantime, enjoy a shot of completed baby sweater #1 (on completed, but anonymous, nephew).

I finished this one before Thanksgiving and then started another one (both are from One Skein Wonders). The second one, which I do not have picture of, is the Bamboo Baby Sweater, modified to make it larger using bigger needles and double stranding some sport weight wool I had kicking around. My finished on is red and green on the back, red and blue, and green and blue on the front, with green sleeves. I opted for two large buttons to close it since the YO edge was much larger on mine. There are two buttons on the other side as well so it can be closed either way and has a slightly double-breasted look to it. While it turned out nicely, it was a PAIN to make. I frogged that fucker four times! I think the problem was not knowing wh…