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Kabarett 16-Bit is tomorrow night. I'm MCing it and already had one anxiety dream where I couldn't find the gallery and ended up stuck in a hell dimension where there was some deamon bloodsport thing going on. Sort of a cross between Buffy and Van Damme movie.

Aside from the dream, I am kind of excited about it. I've found myself slipping into character throughout the day today and am looking forward to going home to finish a costume and gather the rest of my things for it. The show itself promises to be a hoot, and my only real worry is that the weather will keep people away.

Quick Blog

London was fun. It was tough to leave The Doc again. I, of course, got sick when I got home (actually felt it coming on the day before I left Nodnol), so won't blog much more about the trip until I feel better. Slept a TON this weekend and just took this afternoon off from work to sleep some more.