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Good Housekeeping

I have become far too obsessed with the archive of Good Housekeeping at Cornell. I just wish more of the earlier years had indexes. Does anyone remember how to look up subjects in periodicals before the web? I'm almost too embarrassed to ask one of our reference librarians. I haven't looked up things and gone to microfilm (the old way) in decades.

Got (soy) Milk?

IT took a while to get my hair up decently and the snood pinned down. Fortunately I had an extra four hours this morning since the office wasn't opening until noon.


I managed to finish my snood and it turned out too large and kind of lopsided. Undeterred, I decided to try the second pattern listed using a smaller yarn. It worked out much better!
Here it is from the side in color. It's a charcoal sock yarn I bought to darn my favourite sweater (that I haven't managed to actually do yet.)

And here is my hair all tucked up (and my new cardigan from the Goodwill) with whispies flying everywhere. Sepia toned for your vintage pleasure.

And the side again

And for reference of just how much hair I'm hiding under there (and how copper it is right now):