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Jeezum Crow, I'm stressed. I'm finding myself strestched to the limit this semester. I am looking forward though to this Sunday's festivities. My roommate and I host a movie day with three movies on a theme and lots of food. This year's theme is French Freedom. We're showing The Freedom Connection, Freedom Cancan and Freedom Twist with lots of yummy Freedom food to go with (yeah, the theme is a little outdated but we didn't expect Bagdad to fall so quickly)

So until then, I'll be listening to some of the most horrifying sounds ever (and thank god for other people's blogs that give me all this fodder). So far, Mama Mia in Hindi is my favorite, but the Bonaza theme in German is great fun too.
Last Saturday I got into a political discussion with my Cantonese teacher, discussing the two different anti-war camps. The first camp is obviously those who oppose all (or most) forms of violent confrontation. The second, the camp to which my teacher belongs, is comprised of those who do not oppose war outright, or even completely oppose the current intervention in Iraq, but disagree with the way this intervention came about and the international rifts it has caused. (A friend who attended the Boston Common Rally said he couldn't bring a sign because he would need to use 8pt font to fit the full explanation of his views)

I fall somewhere between these two camps. It would take too much time for me to fully work out my feelings on war right now, but talking things over last weekend helped me to clarify my positions on it somewhat. This may be the topic for a much longer post in the near future.

In the meantime, Colin Roald has a fuller essay called Reflections on "liberat…
I saw the Madonna video, "American Life". Okay, I can see why some people might have been upset about it, but her self-censorship really seems like self-promotion. I'm sure more people have downloaded this thing than would have seen it on MTV.

Also, the song kinda sucks.
Heard on the radio this morning
"...being a secretary, does it have the same sort of stigmata as being a male nurse?"
Sure, we all know what he meant to say, but what a visual. Wouldn't the stigmata make it difficult to type? And would they even let you come to work as a nurse with open wounds?
I work in a Windows environment, but we have this one Mac in our office "just in case." Lately I've been playing around with iMovie to learn it for possible work-related things (no, really, I swear) and spent about an hour today making something out of my shoddy rally pics, and sound that I have no permission to use (but honestly, they make it so easy.) It came out nicely, I think, but the transfer to QuickTime sucks and the transitions between the images are not as smooth as they should be. But some of that could just be because I'm playing it off of a disk and not the hard drive.

That was just way more useless information that anyone wanted to know, wasn't it? I just came from a writing class and I don't tend to get all of my free-writing crap out of my head before I leave. Sorry.
My pictures from Saturday's rally on Boston Common are up in a Yahoo gallery. I didn't get prints made so scanned the contact sheet, which is why the quality is rather poor. Well, that and that I'm still getting used to my Holga.