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The house is ours!

Well, we did it! The house is now ours and ready to move in to. Now we need to pack and engage movers.Here's a preview of the house. It cuts off at the end. And yes, the doorbell needs repair to it actually rings.

Dreaming of The Good Life

The Good Life, known in the US as Good Neighbors, was a telvision series about a couple who opt out and decide to become self sufficient - growing their own food, producing their own electricity, etc. The gimic being that they do all this while living in the suburbs. The show is charming (and available on Netflix if you haven't seen it) and much is played for laughs, but I have always seen it as aspirational.

The idea of growing our own foodhsa been appealing to me for so long. When I lived in Somerville, we tried having a garden one year, but nothing much grew. Shortly after I moved to a building with no available green space. The tiny unit we are currently in does not even get enough light to grown things on the window sills (well, tables as the sills are far too shallow for even the cat to sit on.) Soon I'll have the opportunity to see how green, or not, my thumb is.

One of the things we looked for when house hunting was a large lot. I needed to be able to have a garden and…


We're buying a house. It's a little thing - well, twice the size of our apartment but smaller than other houses on the street - built in 1900. It's in Dorchester, right on the red line and I cannot WAIT to close and move in. Expect tales of actual gardening on our actual land.

More to come after we close at the end of the month.