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There's something just odd about Norwegian rap

Even political Norwegian rap. Or maybe it's just the dancing newscasters.

This is the video from the Norwegian communist rap group Gatas Parlament that was banned last fall for lyrics that called for killing The Shrub. Personally, I have more of a problem with it being RAP in NORGEGIAN. But maybe that's because I kind of like the sentiment of the song ;)

Anyhow, the video has subtitles so you don't have to actually understand Norwegian.

Yet strangely I still find them more credible than FOX

In my next life, I want to be a writer for Weekly World News. Now, there is certainly nothing wrong with being an artist's model, I was one myself for a few years, but just the thought...Most Americans are very familiar with Vice President Dick Cheney's distinguished career as a businessman and public servant -- but much less familiar with his work as a nude artist's model! shudder

And the former "careers" of the other politicos are even better.

Kabarett 16-Bit - April 2005

On Saturday April 9, 2005, The Ominous Collective presents their third in a series of the Kabarett 16 Bit, this time a very special occasion as Collective founders, electro-rock band Robotzen celebrate the release of their second CD "The Violence Factors In".

Special guest for the evening will be poet Catherine Sasanov, reading from her latest work about La Santa Muerte (St. Death) in Mexico City. Sasanov is the author of the poetry collections Traditions of Bread and Violence (Four Way Books) and All the Blood Tethers (Northeastern University Press). She is the librettist for the theater piece Las Horas de BelĂ©n: A Book of Hours commissioned by Mabou Mines. Over the past few years, Sasanov has received fellowships from the Rockefeller Foundation, the NEA, and Mexico's National Fund for Culture and the Arts, all of which have helped her track down the relatives of a long dead Italian saint, bring to light the histories of women locked away in the religious sanctuary-turne…

Bad me! Not enough Posting!

So Katell is on spring break and stopped by the office today. It was good to see her, but she berated me (okay, in a nice way) about not updating.

So, what's been new with me? (like you care)
Got an upgrade and raise at work. Now I can work long hours without over-time pay! Oh Boy!
The Doc is coming to visit in April. With luck, I'll get most of that week off from work too.
The Om Coll's Kabaretts at the Zeitgeist are going well. The third one of this year will be April 9 and should be a fabulous show. I'll post the press release and poster when it's finished.
My Om Coll persona now has her own web presence too. It kind sucks right now, but I've not been working to hard on it lately. And I've been doing most of it in a text editor.

Blog Junky

Okay, so I haven't writen a damned thing in over a month. But I swear it's just because I've been too busy reading other people's blogs (and working and school and listening to BBC 7). My life has changed since Salon started their blog roundup The Daou Report and I'm wasting my life reading the right wing diatribes. Actually, it's quite fun and they all have the same way of writing too: short, punchy sentences, "folksy" false self-deprication.