Friday, September 03, 2004


I think I'm finally all moved in to the new place. I have no idea where anything is (now where did I pack the pads? Not a good morning to discover those missing) and I'm having to climb over boxes to get everywhere.

I unpacked five boxes of videos last night and cleared enough space to put the TV table in place and set the TV on it (two spaces down, eighty zillion to go), but then I felt daunted by the prospect and just had dinner and read discussion forums.

And on the web surfing note, big slam to Verizon for not having dial-up software for OS X. My DSL takes 10 days to transfer so I was going to sign up for dial-up, but the modem on the Dell desktop is having issues. So having a brand new (to me) iBook (and many thanks Steve for the old RobotZen gig machine) I thought I'd just use that. But no, Verizon can't keep up. But NetZero can (and Lindows too). And that service FLIES! I've never had dial-up that good. If it wasn't tying up the phone line, I might think about just keeping that.

Tonight the kitchen gets organized and I'll try to get enough space to put the dining table in place and set up the couch.

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