Sunday, May 01, 2005

Weird Proposition

My dad has a roommate, Peter, who moved in (as a tenant) when my dad was getting out of the hospital last lear. At the time, Peter didn't know what he was getting into with an invalid roommate, but they have become fast friends and Peter has helped dad out a lot.

Well, it turns out Peter is coming into a HUGE trust fund soon, but he has no heirs. He can't leave the money in a will, but wants it to go to help people he knows. At 47 he doesn't anticipate marrying and having kids, so he's asked my dad to propose adopting me. No, really.

I didn't say no, but it's such a strange request that I can't say yes. I've only met the guy once, on Christmas eve, and he seemed nice enough, but adoption?!?!

So, how was you're weekend, dear reader?

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