Friday, August 17, 2007

Also on the sticks

Since I can't seem to stick with just one project until it's finished, I started another bag last night while I work on the shopping bag. I decided to do the laptop bag from Stitch 'n' Bitch Nation, but instead of stripes some intarsia. An no, I've never done proper color work before, so this is a challenge.

Here it is with pattern by spouse. Yes, it's going to be an Ubuntu bag. It's a bit wonky, but I'm hoping the felting will help smooth out some of the irregularities.

Here's a more "head on" image which shows the yellow circle a bit better.

This is Lamb's Pride Bulkey on #15 needles, so I should have it done in under a week.


Anonymous said...

Very nice I wish I know how to knit :(

Teru said...

Thank you! It actually turned out nicely too and was, apart from the colorwork. a fairly simple pattern. Knitting itself isn't that difficult, it just takes practice. I think learning how to read a pattern was the hardest part!