Monday, January 21, 2008

Birthday kntting

I got two books and a knitting bag for my birthday.
knitting gifties
The one on the left, Naughty Needles, was from my mom. Go mom! She saw it in a shop in Montreal and thought of me instantly but didn't buy it. So after kicking herself for not getting it, she found it on Amazon and had it sent.

So last night, I made pasties from the book and followed with the g-string today from the website
pasties and a g-string
I tried the pasties on last night to good reviews. Well, one review. I told Spouse there was still some Bailey's left after I put a splash in the custard. He said, "Mmmhmm." and then asked if there was any Bailey's. "Yes. I just said so." "Oh. Did you put some in the custard?" Now honestly, how much more stereotypic husband behaviour could you get? But he justified t when I called him on it with, "I'm sorry, wasn't listening. I was too busy staring at your breasts." Well, at least he's honest.

And in case you're curious, here's what that looked like.
just staring at your breasts


edrie said...

I was going to post a comment but I was too busy staring at your breasts hehehehehehe

Teru said...

The g-string side straps ended up too long! But I made it into a tail with a tassel on the end so it matches the pasties :)

50sgal said...

Wowsie wow wow! I think as a 1955 housewife I may have to blush, or act shocked at the club or over bridge with Madge, but secretly, when ur not looking, I will sneek into your bookshelves, write down the name, and wait for it to arrive, like feminine hygine products, in discreet brown wrapping. Good job. I have to admit, I cannot knit. But, I DO love to sew! Nice blog.

Teru said...

Thanks, 50sgal! I'm really enjoying your blog as well.

Regina said...

I have to ask--HOW did you get them to stay on?

For future reference as soon as I get them made...

Teru said...


I used eyelash glue but I've heard from burlesque performers that for real staying power, which I didn't need, to use toupee glue as it will still stick when you sweat.