Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Spouse is Home!

And he looks even skinnier! He said he had to hold his pants up going through security because they made him take off his belt. During his 4 hour layover in Paris, he left the airport and did a whirlwind tour of the city which included buying me a croissant. Do I have the best spouse or what? We ate it in Logan before getting a cab home.

It's so nice to have him back.


50sgal said...

Don't you love how hubbys can just drop pounds without any work. My hubby two weeks ago was sad that I had to buy him the next size up in troussers and so he now is back to his 34s! Unfair. Do you get to go with him next trip? I would so be living in UK right now if my hubby were a uk citizen, have you ever thought of it?

Teru said...

To his credit, he walked A LOT when he was there. His calves were noticeably more muscular. He did step on the scale and found that he had gained weight, but he still looked so much smaller!

When Spouse and I first thought about living near each other, I was working on a graduate program so really needed to stay in the US. Plus I had an old cat that I was NOT going to chip, which would mean 6 months quarantine. It seemed like things would be easier for him to come here, plus he has more transferable work skills.

Then I did some research and found the only way we would be able to get him here, barring some miracle of an employer in the area leaping at the chance to sponsor him, was to get married. I'm not really a pro-marriage person, but I figured since the idea was to be together anyway, we might as well. And yeah, my proposal to him was just that romantic :)