Tuesday, February 02, 2010

The machine works!

I replaced the belt on the sewing machine last night, fired it up and she works a treat! I still haven't oiled anything yet, but I'm already planning a real, non-hankie project. I just ordered this skirt from Davenport and Company in Springfield. Fantastic email customer service by they way if you ever decide to order anything.

This looks like it should be easy enough for me to muck about with using whatever fabric I can find around the house before I go buy something nice.

The next project I'm contemplating is a vintage jumper with an Ubuntu logo embroidered on it for spouse. That will probably take a while though, and I still have a few other things to finish first. I promise I'll get the pictures of the tea cozies I made over Christmas plus the one I'm working on now.


50sgal said...

WOW! knitting an entire jumper! That will be satisfying. This looks a simple enough pattern. Of course a circle skirt is very easy. Simply making a waistband and then gathering or pleating the fabric to the band is easy and gives such in impressive finish. Did you figure out reverse yet?

mothertrucker said...

What kind of skirt is it?

Teru said...

Bu jumper I do mean "English for pullover," although I did knit myself an entire dress a few years ago. I'm doing this wartime pattern:

It looks from the image like a 6 gore skirt. I'll know more when I get the full pattern though. It was only $15 and she gave me free shipping. The packet is apparently in bad shape but the pattern pieces are good. It's actually in my size already so I may just transfer the pattern to something more durable.

50sgal said...

Oh, I thought jumper was ENGLISH for sweater, my misunderstanding.
oh, and I saw these accesoris on ebay and they looked like your machine http://cgi.ebay.com/Big-Lot-of-Singer-Accessories-Vintage-1-new-in-Box_W0QQitemZ220548128814QQcmdZViewItemQQptZLH_DefaultDomain_0?hash=item3359b1602e

there are some wonderful feet to use on singer machines for hemming, ruffles, embroidery etc, that is why my pin money has been going in a jar to get my own singer soon.

Teru said...

Yes, English for sweater! It will be the second one I've made for him, and hopefully he'll like this one!

Oh those accessories are tempting! I never used anything but the basic foot on my old roommate's machine, but I've always been tempted to try out one other the others to see how they work.

50sgal said...

I have never, either, used anything but the basic foot. Even when I sew in zippers I don't use the zipper foot. But, since this project and my machine acting up, I am determined to get a late 50's singer with all the attachments. I have found they have some for embroidery and quilting and ruffling and sewing on bias tape (which I love to use as trim) at so many things, so my little heart goes a pitter pat just thinking on it. IF and when I get such a machine of course I will blog about it with pics and 'how to's as I learn. That way my suffering can be shared by all!

Anonymous said...
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50sgal said...

I haven't 'seen' you around the blog lately and hoping you are okay and all is right with the world. Did you ever get your machine working? I finally made a ducttape dress form (though I have not used it nor blogged about it yet, but will later this week)Hope all is well.

Teru said...

I've mainly been lurking on blogs lately as I've been busy with day and night jobs. Clearly my goal for the month should be to give feedback on my favourite blogs (like yours!)

I promise to catch up tomorrow and comment if not on the blog then in the forums :)