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Here are some photos of what I've been up to. First up is a stack of sub-par crumpets (they ended up more like pancakes, but are okay toasted) next to the tub of homemade butter
crumpets and butter

Of course they were much nicer combined
crumpets with butter

Next up on the breakfast menu is homemade yogurt with the last of the blueberries from Tuesday's market
blueberries and yogurt

And finally, the results of my trip to the Friday farmer's market in Copley Square
fresh veggies

You can't even see everything! From left to right we have:
two balls of mozzarella (and notice my mozzarella kit lurking in the back)
Bag of tomatoes
The carrots and French radishes seem to be completely covering the pickling cucumbers and green beans
Small bag of plums in front of the carrots
Bag of English peas
Sourdough baguette
Basil and dill
Two small tubs of goat cheese with olive oil and herbs de Provence and a log of plain goat cheese
Jar of strawberry jam

I spent a ton of money, but looking at all of this wonderful food, I think it's worth it. You really can't beat fresh, real food and the price reflects the actual effort that goes in to growing, making (okay, not the $9 package of 2 cups of granola I saw, but certainly the cheese) and bringing to market all of this bounty.

Bon Apetit!


mothertrucker said…
Yum! How'd you make the butter? Do you have a churn?
Teru said…
I made it with a hand mixer. Just leave cream out over night then whip it past the whipped cream stage until it separates. Drain off the buttermilk and rinse the butter under cold water.
50sgal said…
ah, Boston, sometimes I miss ye. Although, now that it is summer and hot, I am glad of the cape. I was happy to see your French radish, mine did SO well this year. And, if you have access to outside, you should try some in a flowerpot next year, I know they do rather well in a container as they grow so much faster than a more traditional larger round radish. I hope you are well, I have been a horrid commenter to other blogs lately, too busy I could say. I hope you are well.
Teru said…
I only started buying the radishes after reading about yours! I must say, I'm rather addicted to them, and bought more at today's market. We have no ground, balcony or fire escape to grow things and only have only two windows that ever get direct sunlight, which I've found isn't enough to grow much :(

We were down in your neck of the woods in June at my cousin's in Yarmouth and it was lovely! I was so in love with all the green space she had, but disappointed that her garden was a quarter the size I would have done in that space :)

I too have been a bad blog patron. I do still read yours, but not as regularly as I used to. I tend to do a big catch-up read once a week, which makes me feel like I've missed much during the week, but takes long enough that I get to sit and absorb it, like listening to a friend one hasn't seen in ages.

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