Monday, January 03, 2011

Hello 2011!

Happy New Year!

I'm not one to make new year resolutions (you know, because I break them) but may just set myself a new year goal this year. Not weight loss (which is my constant struggle) or exercise (already have Spouse nagging me (because I asked him to) for that) or packing a lunch every day (although I did bring in three days worth of meals today) but sewing.

This year I would like to make one item of clothing per month. The item need not be elaborate, even an accessory could do, but I would like to make use of the expensive sewing machine repairs and this seems rather practical. I may even go all out and finish some of the knit UFOs lurking in the closet as well!

So that's the plan for me. Anyone else have any goals for the new year?


50sgal said...

I think that a very sound and practical resolution. Last year I made sure I made at least one outfit a month and I stuck to it. Of course, you work outside the home, so you are probably far busier than I in transit, but as you said, a scarf, perhaps 'making over' a man's shirt into a ladies blouse, all of these would count and get you sewing. My advice (for what it is worth-very little I am afraid) is to make sure that you make a place for sewing. Even if it is a closet bottom with a shelf to hold the machine until you need to take it out and below it a little set of drawers or boxes that hold separately, notions, thread, scissors and extra feet/attachments and then of course your fabric and a small one for your patterns. This will make the whole task less daunting. My pre 1950's living had me stop in my tracks before I did anything because of all the prep I needed at the moment. If you already do this than disregard my busy-body ways. And, of course, HAPPY NEW YEAR!

Teru said...

Way ahead of you on that thanks to my far-more-organised-than-I spouse. He gathered all the sewing notions and put them in an easy to access three-drawer box and makes sure the sewing machine gets put back in the closet after use. He even collected all my yarn into one location!

It was your monthly outfit challenge that inspired me to try this. Plus there are so many places to get vintage patterns now that it would be silly to not start making some clothes! My skirts were done on weekends, but for something more complex, like a dress, I can see doing small bits in the evening and then a big flurry of work at the weekend. Then a new dress for Monday!