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Sling # 1 Finished!

The rings for the new baby sling arrived on Friday. For some reason I was thinking that one ordered them singly (which would not really make sense) so when I ordered two of each color I was actually ordering two pairs of each. This is not a problem as I planned to make us two slings each anyway.

This is the fabric I bought. I had already ordered purple rings so went for something with some purple in it. It's a heavy cotton/linen, that actually seems like it might be a bit much now that it's made (another reason I'm making several.) As it happened, we were doing laundry on Friday so I had this in the dryer when the post arrived with the rings.

finished sling
I had to hand sew the last of it as the layers were so thick. I may altar the pattern a bit for future ones to make that easier. Once it was finished, I threaded it, tried it on and had to make sure it would work for carrying. Who says cats aren't my first babies!

When I was finished with the sewing machine, Spouse decided to take it for a spin and learn it's action.
DoctorMO sewing
Since he'll be making the cloth nappies, it was a good chance for him to get used to the machine. It was just some scrap fabric, but he got to see what it was capable of and then went on a hunt for nappy patterns. One suggested buying flannel shirts at the Goodwill as it makes the nicest outer layers. Since we have a Goodwill just down the street, this sounds great to us. Next step: sourcing diaper pins!


Julie said…
I'm having a hard time finding the baby sling rings. Do you have any you would like to sell? Or would you mind sharing your source so I can buy some? My gandbaby is on her way and I can't find these rings anywhere and when I googled I found your blog!!
Thanks I appreciate it. :)
Teru said…
I bought mine from They're inexpensive and high quality AND recommended by Maya slings!
Anonymous said…
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