Thursday, May 31, 2012

The house is ours!

Well, we did it! The house is now ours and ready to move in to. Now we need to pack and engage movers.

Here's a preview of the house. It cuts off at the end. And yes, the doorbell needs repair to it actually rings.


50sgal said...

What a wonderful home. I love old houses and the tub and radiators are perfection. Do you like your area of Dorchester? We always miss the city and if our house on Cape doesn't sell we always wish to have the best of both city and country. So, in your opinion do you think the prices (which seem good in Dorchester as I looked on zillow) are good and do you like the neighborhood?
Congratulations again.

Teru said...

The prices in the area are very nice. We did look at one place on a neighbourhood I would not live in, but the area around Ashmont seems quite nice. We have friends there and there is an active community that has block parties, an annual neighbourhood yard sale, and shares information on local services.