Sunday, September 09, 2012

Sunday Donuts

Cutting the donuts
Last weekend the folks were in town to help stepsis and brother-in-law move. I had the urge to make some donuts as a nice Sunday treat and to use the donut cutter I bought a few weeks ago at Streamline Antiques in Lower Mills. The results were wonderful so I decided this Sunday should be a repeat for just our little household.

I recently decided to cultivate a nice sourdough starter and use that in lieu of any dry yeast in recipes. Rather than trying to catch wild yeast or let yeast go wild, I opted for the easy route and just bought some from King Arthur Flour. The starter has been living nicely in the fridge and made a great start to these donuts.

Mr. Donut rising
The base recipe, and the one I used for the family was this one I found online. The base recipe is lovely but I decided to mix it up this week and do banana donuts. I pureed a banana in the blender then added the rest of the wet ingredients. To make up for the extra moisture I rounded the measures for the flour and leavenings. Still, the dough was pretty sticky.

Deep fried goodness
Since I didn't have anyone watching the baby this morning (Spouse was still asleep), I tended to overcook these a bit.. It made them a bit crunchy, but I didn't feel they are overly heavy, which was nice, especially since 1/4 of the flour (and 100% of the flour in the sourdough starter) was whole wheat.
Child in motion, victorious with donut

Draining donuts. Cup of tea
The original idea was to dust the donuts with maple sugar. I boiled down some syrup and beat it until a bit creamy. When it cooled it was soli but it still had too high a moisture content to really work. So I just added a bit more syrup, some water and heated it all up until it was liquid again and made a maple glaze. Not a bad compromise at all!

This recipe is almost too easy. Fortunately I have friends nearby I was able to unload a half dozen of these on but that still left us A LOT and we had no problem scarfing them down. As the occasional treat though it's not that bad. And I like being able to provide a special something on the weekend. It helps make the house, even in the disarray we are still living in (still waiting on lead abatement), feel more like a home.

Stealing daddy's breakfast

A donut hole of one's own

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