Wednesday, April 02, 2003

I work in a Windows environment, but we have this one Mac in our office "just in case." Lately I've been playing around with iMovie to learn it for possible work-related things (no, really, I swear) and spent about an hour today making something out of my shoddy rally pics, and sound that I have no permission to use (but honestly, they make it so easy.) It came out nicely, I think, but the transfer to QuickTime sucks and the transitions between the images are not as smooth as they should be. But some of that could just be because I'm playing it off of a disk and not the hard drive.

That was just way more useless information that anyone wanted to know, wasn't it? I just came from a writing class and I don't tend to get all of my free-writing crap out of my head before I leave. Sorry.

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