Monday, May 12, 2003

I am fascinated by the ability of humans to create communities. It used to be that your "community" was your village, clan or suburban block, but those things don’t really mean much any more*. The communities I involve myself in tend to be online, and I find myself feeling closer to some of my online friends, who I have never seen or heard, than I am to some of the flesh and blood people I see everyday. It's a strange phenomenon, but for someone who never felt comfortable in social situations (I once stood in a corner facing the wall at a school dance. I'm still not sure why I went to those things, other than it's what one did at age 14), I feel like I've finally come home.
And the flirting kicks ass.

*A friend of mine does live in a neighborhood where people still have block parties and gather on the street to chat while the kids all play in the backyards. Personally, I like my community better.

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