Tuesday, May 20, 2003

It's nice to see that in toppling a secular government, we were good enough to allow the sort of rabid fundamentalism that some conservatives would like here.
From the May 19th installment of Salam Pax's blog:
There have been attacks on 5 stores that sell liquor and everybody in the store was killed. There is no way any one is going to sell you a beer on the street in Basra. Some areas in Baghdad have seen similar attacks but nobody panicked yet. But we will be there soon. Al-Fartoosi in his Friday prayer Khutba said that "loose women", the cinemas in Sadoon street showing immoral films (the films are as sinful as a Britney Spears video, bellies and fake kissing) and anyone selling alcohol will be given a week to clean up their act or "other methods" will be used to stop them spreading wickedness.

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