Saturday, August 28, 2004

It's too darned hot

Too hot to pack. Too daunting to pack too.

Wrapped up the CD tower in plastic last night. Hopefully I can manage that on my own (packing the disks just to move the tower and then refill it was not an option), but if not it should go like a breeze with two people. And I now have two people to help me move, so I think that will be enough. I need to measure my dresser and the back stairway sometime today. There's no curve in that stairway so I think if it's wide enough, that's the best bet for getting the furniture down. And it ends practically in front of the door to my new place.

Before it got unbearable today I managed to pack a box of hats, one of shoes, one of books (yes, I'm still finding books to pack) and some kitchen stuff, most of which was already in a box, having never been unpacked since I moved to Boston (and why would I unpack a roasting pan? It's not like I cook turkeys any more).

I took down the plants and the remaining pictures too. I still need to get some height and get the plant hook down, but that shouldn't be too bad. Will probably just disassemble the couch and move the table over to put the step ladder on. Standing on the window sill is too precarious for me, as I discovered when I took down the curtain rod. Ugh, and I have two more curtain rods in the bedroom that need to come down!

Last night I dreamed that I started to move in to my new place and it was nothing like I remembered it. In the dream, you entered in to a large, windowless room with a dropped ceiling with acoustic tile and indoor/outdoor carpeting on the floor. From there you went in to the kitchen/livingroom (which is what the actual entrance to the apartment looks like (and yes, the kitchen is in the livingroom, much like my old sublet)). The old tenants had left dozens of folding metal chairs, which I decided to store in the closet (that only exists in the dream apartment), which turned out to be a HUGE storage space behind sliding plywood doors. The whole place was just ghastly! I don't think there was a single window in there, which is obviously playing to my being upset about leaving an apartment with so much amazing light.

I just want to be moved in and done with it. And all decorated and living in a lovely, homey place.

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