Monday, August 02, 2004

Moving Blues

This time next month, I will be in my new place, downstairs in my current apartment building. I've hardly packed a thing and think I'm in denial of the whole having to move thing. Although having realtors troop through my house should be a good reminder.

Saturday, a realtor came in, having not called first. She claimed, upon waking my roommate who was taking a nap in her room (door closed) that she thought we had already moved. Well, the moment she opened the apartment door she would have seen that was not the case and should have promptly shut it and made the call to us. But no, she trouped up the stairs, potential residents in tow and proceeded to barge in on my roommate's nap. Now at this point, you'd think an apology might have been made and they would have left. But no. Instead she decided to show what was behind Door Number 2, the closed bathroom door with the sound of running bathwater coming from behind it. Yes, I was interrupted, NAKED in my bath. What fucking planet do these people come from?

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