Friday, May 01, 2009


The student environmental group at work asked if we could start a garden. After bringing it to a few people in charge and talking with people who actually garden (none of them do) they got permission and space was allotted. This then became a community project, with anyone allowed to join in. A good thing too since the students don't tend to be around during the summer!

Last week I joined two staff members in one of the campus greenhouses to start some seeds. The garden space had been marked out and there was even a ground breaking ceremony with blessings and everything (I missed all that). Then the landscaping department came in to take up the sod and turn the soil for us. Hooray! Less back-breaking work for us! A garden planner came in to help set what should go where (this is WAY more professional than anything I've ever done in the yard) and then we were all set to get to work

Today I went out and met up with two of the students working on the plot. The plan was to mark off beds and start the planting, but we decided to get the rest of the compost on first. About halfway through doing that, it really started to look like rain so we decided to start marking the corner beds while we could, then save the rest of the compost until after that, but before marking the inner beds. We hadn't gotten the first bed marked before the rain started. So I sat my ass down on the grass and waited from one of them to come back with some scissors to snip the string and let the drips fall down.

We got the four corners marked and I headed back to the office as another student came to join them. The plan was to move the reset of the compost and see what more could be marked off, but planting might have to wait until Monday. Still, work was done and thing looks like it's finally, really happening.


edrie said...

that sounds wonderful!!!

Teru said...

Unfortunately I'm home sick again today so will miss planing!

50sgal said...

Yeah, gardening. I am glad to see you will have an outlet for gardening.