Thursday, May 07, 2009

More gardening

We started planting yesterday. All the seeds we had went in and we're waiting on the tomatoes and cukes to grow in the greenhouse and some potatoes and flowering herbs are on their way.
Here one of the students plants some nasturtium seeds in a corner plot. Two mounds for pumpkins and decorative gourds also went into the corners (two opposite corners. the potatoes and peas go in the other two corners) and the flowering herbs will be placed there too. The rest of the crops will be:
mesculin greens (I didn't check the seed pack, but isn't that a variety of several types of greens?)
pole beans


50sgal said...

Did you know if you preserve (can) Nasturtium buds they are suppose to rival capers in taste? I just learned this and am going to find a spot for them now.

Teru said...

Neat! I'll see if I can try that when they come up. We were mainly using them for pest control.

50sgal said...

nasturtiums for pest control? I didn't know, My local farm (where Gussie works) sells tons of Nasturtium blossoms in the summer and they are expensive! So, going to try my own this year and they are pretty.