Tuesday, July 31, 2012


This lead abatement issue has me thinking even more about decorating the house. Even if we can get one of the abatement loans, this will still be costly so making it nice again will have to take some time, working on it on an as and when we can afford it basis. That said, there is so much I want to do, from simple painting to more complex construction.

On the simple end, there is a triangular bit of wall under the stairs that cries out for something, but I don't think framed art will do. Solution: chalkboard paint! I see no reason to discourage my child from drawing on walls, but this will keep that impulse a bit controlled and still be fun for all of us. Spouse and I could even use the upper portions for notes to each other.

Now of course we wanted to repaint the rooms as well but I think I'd like to add a little bit extra. I think picture rails along the walls, perhaps with a different paint color (or preferably wallpaper) above the rails would look lovely. It's a Victorian look, much like this amazing Brooklyn brownstone, but by using a paint on the lower portion, and a lighter colored wood we can update it and make it our own.

On the construction front, we still have pantry shelves that need building. The style will be like these Williams Sonoma shelves, but Spouse wants to do them in maple or oak. They will be fitted into our small pantry space. Right now we have two book cases in there and there is just not enough shelf space for the food let alone small appliances that don't get used every day such as the food processor or the rice cooker.

Still in the kitchen, our cabinets are far too low. Right now we just slide the dish drainer under them but then the cabinets block off access to half of the rack! We also need counter space and have even had the stove moved (along with the gas pipe moved) slightly so give space for a counter with drawer and cabinet under it next to the stove, plus space for the same on either side of the sink.

Just thinking about the work involved with the kitchen alone (I may try to convince Spouse to hire someone) make my latest idea of a mantle with hat hooks and shoe shelves by the entry way seem easy! Realistically though I know I just need to concentrate on getting the lead out, but dreaming of a shiny new living space is the one thing keeping me from pulling my hair out over everything we're going through now.

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