Sunday, July 22, 2012

If it seems too good to be true, it probably is

That phrase sums up our home owning experience right now. We bought a house with little work other than some cosmetic things to be done and now find ourselves facing a very large bill with lots of hassle and work on our part, not to mention the health issues already there.

Lead. The house is full of it.

Most houses of this age still have lead paint in them. This is pretty much a given here in Boston, and might not have been a problem here had we really been aware of it (no we have no statements from the previous owners on the lead issue) and had been able to make sure we were dusting and mopping daily and making sure every crack was covered. But we weren't and we didn't and now Sprog has high lead levels, the cat surely must (he will be the next to be checked and treated) and the city has inspected and given us an order to delead.

Most of the lead seems to be doors, walls and trim, which means paint removal. That's considered high-risk (although removing lead coated windows is somehow a lower risk) which means we have to hire someone to do it. Oh and we have to pack up all our stuff we've just unpacked and move out. Thinking about it makes me want to cry. Again.

I could go into the other issues such as the electrics need sorting, the dampness in the basement, even the simple need for more counter space in the kitchen, but that all has to take a back seat to the lead issue since the clock is ticking on that. Oh, didn't I mention the city gives you deadlines to get this done? Yeah, fun. Not included in the time is what is needed to really understand the report. They do give you time to get financing, but oddly they expect you to do that before getting a contractor. Personally I'd like to know how much it will cost before I mortgage my soul (all I have to bargain with since they house doesn't have the equity) to pay for it.

Now I know why the previous owners took our offer even though it was $29k less than they were asking. Jerks.

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