Monday, September 15, 2003

Of Semeser's Begining, Acting Jitters, and the Cold Sore from Hell

I have a cold sore under my nose. Dammit. I used to get them at the beginning of each semester for the first couple of years after I came back to school. I haven’t had this problem for ages, but today is the first day of the semester, and Thursday will be my first class at the graduate level and it appears my stress indicator is back. Oh, and it’s right in time for the week-long cattle call of auditions for this semester’s plays. Fuck.

And speaking of auditions, I don’t even feel like going. I did the audition blitz last spring. A friend of mine I met in intro acting tried out for the advanced class (it’s by audition) and didn’t get in. So he was feeling low, but I talked him into going with me and auditioning for a bunch of things, just to “get back on the horse.” The weekend came and callbacks were posted, neither of us had been called back. Okay, that was fine, the theatre is notoriously incestuous and college theatre may be even more so. The next week cam and cast lists were posted. Again, nada. But then he got a call. He got a part in Twelfth Night.

I had also auditioned for that and it was the best audition I had. The director said I really seemed to understand the speech (I’ve never found Shakespeare all that difficult) and was all smiles etc, etc. But I didn’t get in. Now I did have a lot of time constraints what with take my last two classes in order to graduate, so I’m sure that was a factor (she says, consoling herself), but it still hurt (when I didn’t get a callback I cried on the way home).

So I’m feeling a little gun-shy about the whole thing this semester. My friend, having done one performance, now has an “in” in that I do not. And I won’t get one until I can actually say I’ve done something other than high school theatre or a couple of acting classes. An, of course, the only way to get a part to build that resume is to audition. You see my problem.

I signed up for a couple of community theatre mailing lists that send out casting calls, but haven’t gone to any yet. Perhaps when I don’t get in to any of the school plays (so much for positive attitude), I’ll suck it up and go to one of those. Of course that requires a headshot.

Now, Naz could do the headshot (right now I’m working with a crap printout of a digital photo I took myself), but right now, and here we get into the good news of the weekend, she’s stressing about preparing for her first solo photography exhibit. I don’t want to add any stress to that, but snapping a few shots of me might also get her back into the swing of things after having put that part of her life aside for a while. I don’t know. I’m babbling. Time for coffee.

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