Wednesday, September 10, 2003

The stress ends when?

Oh, it's shaping up to be another wonderful day at work. All of our servers are down, and while I could get external webpages when I first came in, after restarting my computer, in the hopes that maybe it was just me that couldn't get on to network drives, I can't get any web connection (I'm writing this off-line right now). We had troubles with our switch a few times in the last couple of weeks so I was hoping it was just that, but after trying one other machine in our department (again to be sure it wasn't just my jack) I went over to another part of the building on a different switch and found the same problem. Fortunately when I got back one of the server managers was in (I don't even have a key to the server room which makes restarting the fun on the few times I've had to do it) and he is working on it now.
This just in: they shut them down on purpose (this apparently decided after I left last night and no one bothered to leave me a note). Boss Lady sent an email about it last night around 7, but since I don't check my work email from home, unless I'm out sick, you know, not just the regular 15 hours that I'm not here, I obviously didn't get it. Now come on, they know I come in early, wouldn't giving me a heads up be a good thing?

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