Tuesday, September 09, 2003

Stress (yet again)

AAARRGGGH! So I come in to work today to our new intranet not being up yet. We told staff it would be up today (gee guys, we didn't say what time it would be up, did we?) and the dns transfer request didn't go in until late this morning. UGH. It did finally go at noon, but we've been finding issues (no, you're old bookmark is wrong; hmm, try restarting your machine; gee, you're right, we did forget to move that entire application).

We also had a whole giganto section of the public site that I was supposed to transfer today, but had to wait for the web manager to show back up in the office before I could do anything. But that did finally get up without a hitch, so that was one good thing.

The overall stress today has been making me want to hit the vending machine (not literally, although that migt be nice too), but I have managed to control myself. Barely

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