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And how was your weekend?

Well I made it out to the 88, getting sunburned in the process. I forgot to look for a phone card while I was there, but did manage to find all the food stuff I was looking for. I had gone out to that one because I know they have a big variety of vegetarian "fish" products, and since Naz is out of town this week and I'm cooking for one, I thought I would indulge in sea-tasting things, which she doesn't like. Oh! And I got yummy fried tofu!

When I got home, I was finally able to get in touch with The Doc online. I'd been trying to reach him so I could know if he was home for me to call. No phone card, but I called anyway (just need to remember to let Naz know so she’s prepared for the UK call on the bill) and we talked for a bit before switching bills where he called me.

It was a good call. He told me a lot about his childhood and then we swapped some more pictures: one of me holding a chicken when I was 11, and a couple risqué ones from when I was 17 for a portrait of him with his sisters, a pic of his youngest sister and two of the rainy day in his neighborhood.

After a bit I decided to make dinner, but had forgotten crucial ingredients for the paella I wanted to make, most importantly the saffron. So we hung up and I went out again, this time to the regular supermarket in Southie. Stupid, stupid, stupid. I don't know what I was thinking. Well, yes I do. I was thinking that since they have such a great selection of vegetarian food, cheeses, fresh pasta and UK items (gotta stock the Soul Food for the Irish Immigrants) that they would of course carry saffron. If they do, they keep it well hidden. Feh! So I went home empty-handed and substituted beer and water for the wine and broth and paprika and salt for saffron. Yes, I know, not appropriate substitutions at all, but it turned out okay, if not actually being paella.

The Doc called again and we talked for two more hours. I told him a bit about my life and a bit about old relationships (mostly the Big break-up bit). We also talked about reactions to our relationship. He's told his mother about us and it's been the best parental reaction so far. She actually thinks it’s a good idea for him to be with an older woman rather than someone his own age. Neat.

For me, anyone who has actually seen me recently know this is a good thing. I went to my Cantonese class for the first time since June and Peter noticed the difference the moment he saw me. He thought I looked great. We went out for dim saam and chatted some more about it after the others left. He's of the opinion that if it makes you both happy, that's all that matters. And given that he just married his longtime girlfriend who is 20 years his junior, against the wishes of her parents, he does know a bit of what he's talking about.


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