Monday, August 04, 2003

Weekend with The Roomie

I have to be the only person who can fall asleep during a rock concert. Naz and I went to see The Eels on Friday night and I actually dozed off during the show. And not during slow songs, mind you, I conked out during the loud stuff. I’m kind of bummed because I really like The Eels and was psyched to get a chance to see them. I guess I shouldn’t have had that beer before the show.

On Saturday we went to two early martial arts movies at the MFA. It’s nice that the HK flicks are coming back to Boston. Way back in my first summer here, we went to a series at the Brattle, where I got my first taste of the HK movie scene. It was so much fun, hell, that whole summer was fun, and I was hooked. After that I used to go to series at the Coolidge (and Brattle again) and a few at the MFA.

Since then, my movie going has gone way down, the Coolidge no longer does that sort of thing, the Brattle hasn’t had a full-on HK series in ages and the MFA is only just getting back into having HK Augusts. I think this series is a good way to bring them back, and where else could one go to see silent martial arts movies? And we got to see that the cheesy topes of the '70s have been a long-standing tradition in the genre (creepy minion with the bad teeth, anyone?).

I probably won’t get to all of the shows (missed yesterday’s in fact), but really want to catch the King Hu films. We saw 'A Touch of Zen' from the front row at the MFA a few years ago and it was one of the most beautiful films I have ever seen. Hu was a brilliant filmmaker (cue 'Who’s on First' moment with that sentence!) who’s films convey such a depth of atmosphere and emotion with minimal effects and scenery. Just gorgeous.

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