Sunday, August 17, 2003

Nothing to see here. Move along, move along

It's really not been a weekend of note here. I did manage to install a new CDRW drive in Naz's computer and we got all out updates and the thing is actually moving at normal speed now instead of a crawl with errors everywhere. Go me.

I woke up late yesterday and had to run out of the house to get to my Cantonese class so of course forgot to bring my pics of the London trip along for Peter. Grrr. He still really wants to see them though, and it has been very nice to get back into that class. He's teaching Canto at The Big H this year and wants me to join the class in the spring so I can have the full class expereince again. I do much better when I have other people to learn with. Now I just need to find out how to register for a class if you're not an enrolled undergraduate. There must be a way, right?

I've been all pissy again with The Doc. I don't know what my deal is. Maybe I'm just getting irritated with having to talk on the phone (which gives me a crick in my neck and makes my ear all sweaty) instead of being able to be with him. I've never done well with the phone for long periods of time. Plus I run out of things to say, which would be the perfect time to just sit an moon and gaze into eachother's eyes, but we really can't do that. It's okay when we get a rousing conversation going (last weekend, for example), but this week I've just gotten bitch. Of course the cramps might have something to do with that as well ;)

We're hosting co-op tonight. The menu I planned was assuming that it would be scortching hot and muggy, you know, like it's been for the past two months, but it's actually quite nice today. Still, the cucumber soup, various fillings for little sandwiches (cucumber, brie, avacado, tomato), carrot rice salad and green salad should be good. I only hope they don't puke it all back up when they taste the vegan cheesecake. I love having my friends to experiment on.

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