Friday, June 27, 2003

The AC Saga Continues

I left the AC in the wrong window last night and decided I would take it out in the morning as there is a good chance of rain today. The whole reason this is the "wrong" window is that the gutter above it is buggered and rain sheets down which would just come pouring in the room. Not good.

So I get up, feed the cat, take a quick bath and set to work getting the AC unit out of the casing. Again, dressed only in panties. I manage to get the thing about 6" out and it sticks. Looking in the side, I can see it's caught on a screw from the side extender flap thing (this is highly technical language, I know), so I know I need to get that screw out first. Of course I can't find the damned screwdriver that I just had so I go get another one. Oh, and looking outside I see people going through the trash across the street so decide adding a bra at least would be a good thing.

Okay, new screwdriver in hand, I open the window and lean out to get this thing out as it's on the backside of the flap. And yes, I drop the screwdriver. Outside this window is a slope of roof from the back of the building, and fortunately the screwdriver stays there, but with the AC in the way, I can't reach it. Okay. Fine. I take the screwdriver attachment from the drill, lean out and use that. Of course the screw falls on the roof too and goes into the gutter. Fine. Whatever. I'm dripping with sweat now.

The unit is now catching on the metal around the hole from the screw (which I will be smashing flat with the biggest fucking hammer I can find sometime later tonight) so I take a coat hangar and wedge it in to make some space, finally, 30 minutes after starting this, get the damned thing out, the condensation splashing all over my legs (which was why I didn't fully dress to begin with). It's sitting on a towel on the floor now awaiting my return.

Got the casing out without problem and managed to reach the screwdriver on the roof, so that's a good. And you know, it probably won't even rain now.

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