Saturday, June 28, 2003

Drink, Drank, Drunk

Ugh. Note to self: never go out drinking with former student when having to work the next day.

I went out for drinks with someone from the class I TAed last semester. We've gone out before and I never headed home sober. Although last night was worse, much worse, which was why I wanted to go out at the end of the week and not have to either drag myself in with a hangover, or call in sozzled. Beer goes down really easy when it's warm out, and four hours of beer with no food... <<*wretch*>>

Feeling much better now though. Had food when I got home and passed out fully clothed on my bed. Undressed when I got up in the morning to feed the cat. Slept in. Good feeling.

I bought one of those metal window bracket things to hold the AC, but I'm holding off on installing it. The building next to mind is being gutted and turned into condos and the contructions guys are in the back, pretty much right below my window. Yeah, I'm a wuss and don't want to start in with the tools and the fumbling with them out there. Plus I don't want to change my shirt and I'm very cleavagy right now. Cleavage and construction workers are not a good mix.
They seem to be working on the same floor I'm on. It sounds like they're practically in my apartment. Damned thin walls.

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