Thursday, June 26, 2003

Summer is back

I bought an air conditioner from my friend Max last September. He was selling his studio and didn't need it any more, so since it was practically new and cheap as hell so I bought it. Last night was the first hot and muggy night of what could be another hellish Boston summer but I decided to just use a fan instead of trying to install the AC before going to bed. I should have just done it then.

I woke up at 2:00 hot, sweaty, cranky and decided this was the best time to put the AC in. Now, you'd think I would have abandoned the idea when I couldn't get the unit out of the casing. No. Maybe when I realized the pain in my finger and the slipperiness were somehow related and I was bleeding all over the place. No. How about when I realize the support blocks won't work with my window? No.

Well, an hour later, I have a bandaid on my finger, the casing screwed in to the sill, the main unit back in to the casing, a deep appreciation for Max who carried this thing up three flights of stairs to my apartment, I'm pouring sweat, but it's done. In the wrong window. Fuck it. I'll move it later and just hope it doesn't rain soon.

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