Wednesday, June 18, 2003

Cary Tennis' column in today's Salon struck a big nerve with me. I do firmly believe that interactions in the digital realm are real and valid interactions. There has been a lot of arguing (and pissy whining) lately on the forums I read about this. While some may not believe these interactions to be "real" as they see that people can hide behind an online persona, I very strongly disagree with this.

People hide behind personas all the time in face-to-face interaction, yet somehow this is seen as more real. People claim that they can see through it in person, which, if true, and I doubt it is true in all or even most cases, should mean that they can intuit what is real and what is not in written correspondence. And that's what online communication is: written correspondence. It just has the advantage of not waiting for a physical postal system to deliver your message.

I'm happy that someone with a fairly large readership has addressed this issue. Although in the context of doing so (in an advice column responding to a man whose face-to-face interaction did not live up to online), he has also pointed out the limitations. However, the advantages, that of meeting similar minds who you might otherwise discount if meeting first in the physical realm, are not something that can be discounted.

Okay, that's my mini rant for the day.
Today's bottlecap philosophy:
Try not to be Your own Enemy

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