Saturday, June 28, 2003

It's in. Finally.

Okay, so I got off my assarse after finishing The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen (borrowed from friend), and went to The Globe Corner Bookstore in Harvard Square. Picked up Lonely Planet guide to England, Streetwise London map and Virgin London Guide & Map. You can never have too many maps.

Went home, and then the fun began. After many tries, got the AC window thing on. Took forever. I don't even think the thing is safe, it looks too low, but the only way I could raise it up would be to order another bit of plastic, or to rig an extender, which I did try to do with a bit of wood, but the screws weren't long enough. Used my drill so much with this that it lost it's charge. Wasn't even able to get the screws in with the drill, or by hand and ended up using a hand screwdriver and a wrench to torque it. Fine. It's in. I then go to put the AC casing in and see that I'm going to have to brace it until the unit goes in because the window bracket is going right through the hole on the bottom and is going to end up resting on the base of the unit itself, but not until I get the casing secured and put the thing all together. Beginning to rethink whole bracing front with wood idea.

So in rethinking wood idea, I get the one random, way too small piece of wood we have and decide that if I cut it in half lengthwise, I can secure it to either side of the bottom of the casing so that the wood sticks out wider than the window. Brilliant idea! Except it involves cutting through the wood, against the grain, with a hand saw. I do it anyway. Get wood secured to casing, again involving mostly hand tools as the drill is recharging, which sucked because I really needed a starter hole in the wood to screw things together.

And now for the AC unit. This thing is heavy. Like really fucking heavy. And big and hard to reach around. Oh, and did I mention the stagnant water still in? No? Well, there was still some stagnant water that was really fetid that I tried to tip out onto a towel before attempting to drag this thing over to the window. And drag I did. I just couldn't lift it to carry it. I had to pick it up by the top bracing bar and carry it a foot and rest. I feel like such a wuss on this, but I had being working on this whole project for more than two hours at this point and I was tired. Got it to the window and it slid in nicely. Of course the cord doesn't reach the outlet, but that's a minor detail, which I will deal with later. Not too bad all things considered. Only one minor injury this time (more bruising than blood).

And you know, I really wish I had started this when the construction workers were around. Maybe they would have offered to do it for me.

Beer time (yes, even after last night, I'm still up for beer). Bottle cap philosophy of the day:
It's all a Movie, But it's Your Movie

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