Friday, October 31, 2003

Oscar Wilde only wished he was this gay

I had originally planned to be Tinkerbell at work for Halloween, but then the thought occurred that with my new shorter hair and better figure, I could be Mr. B Natural, known best to fans of MST3K from the short before War of the Colossal Beast (ep 319, if you're counting).

Tried to make a jacket, but then I got sick and had no desire to sit down and sew, so I cheated and bought a blazer at the Goodwill for $6 and accessorized with the felt that I bought. Unfortunately, it doesn't quite capture the full appeal of Mr B as the jacket is kind of big and doesn't show off my breasts, but the shiny leotard is visible (the word "Speedo" fortunately covered) and it is, I think, a suitable scary image for the feast of the dead.
if only an androgynous man would come and visit me
See Buzz, it's fun to be psychotic

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