Monday, October 20, 2003

Ridiculed and Chastized

Okay, perhaps not ridiculed, but definately chastized for not blogging. The Doc is waiting for me to blog more about his visit (not that he's posted anything yet) and I just haven't been up to any non-food blogging yet.

What I have been up to is getting into my cold weather hobby: knitting. I finished his hat while he was here, and have started working on the matching scarf. I unfortunately started it with #7 needles and should be doing it with #6, so I have to start over. I the mean time, I made a catnip eggroll for Bogie from He seems to dig it.

The Doc did actually leave the hat here (in my backpack that he was using to carry his laptop) and I ended up wearing it to work today because my hair was still wet when I left the house. On him, it looks kind of thuggy. On me, it looks like I'm coming home from chemo. But I've only got the shot of him.

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