Wednesday, October 29, 2003

I guess it's neat that everyone wants to be a dork these days, but it sure makes me feel trendy. But then, I think I might have even been invisble to the dorks.

If Ian R. Williams, in the article 'Twilight of the dorks?' in today's Salon, is to be believed, I'm more of a loser since I didn't have any particular thing that I gravitated towards
It's important to define what I truly mean by "dork," just so he or she doesn't get casually lumped in with "losers," "burnouts" and "lone psychopath bullies." To me, the dork is somebody who didn't fit in at school and who therefore sought consolation in a particular field -- computers, "Star Trek," theater, heavy metal, medieval war reenactments, fantasy, sports trivia, even isolation sports like cross-country and ice skating. I'd also include the Anne Rice obsessed (goths), the car enthusiasts (gearheads), and the seemingly homosexual (gaywads).
Being more of the past-time nobody else wants dilettante, I gravitated to thing as diverse as reading the encyclopedia, building things with my 200-In-1 Electronics Kit or reading way above my grade level.

Ah well. Let's just hope losers never come into fashion

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