Saturday, October 11, 2003

Memories of Ice Cream Kisses

Well, The Doc is off, sitting somewhere near his gate now at Logan. I saw him as far as security would allow and then made my way outside for a smoke and a sob on my way to a taxi.

This week has been wonderful. I think we've discovered that tourism makes me cranky (the worst I got was when we went to the Museum of Science and I just wanted to be alone and cry when we got home), but aside from that, we did well together for a week. The bed is going to be lonely without him. And I think tea may be my new breakfast item.

He may be the only person whose first impression of Boston is all the Asian food. I seemed to take him on the Pan-Asian Food Fest Tour, starting with dim saam on Sunday, my own stir-fry on Monday, noodles (lo mein and chow fun) on Wednesday, various Malaysian things on Thursday, Thai on Friday and finally, vegetarian Vietnamese today. At least he knows how I usually eat. (and he did at least get junk food at the Lowell Lock Monsters game)

Ice cream has been another big feature. He loves Ben and Jerry's Half Baked ice cream, which I bought for co-op when we hosted last Sunday. Store24 down the street carries it too, so he had several pints during the week. He bought a pint tonight to eat in the airport, and finished it while we sat on a bench after he checked in. He gave me ice cream kisses before he left.

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