Monday, October 06, 2003

He's here

The Doc made it here, safe and sound. He got a little hung up at immigration, but made it through, none the worse for wear.

Sunday we went in to Boston's wee Chinatown and had dim saam with my Cantonese teacher at Grand China (now called Empire Garden, but everyone still knows it as Grand China), which is in an old theatre and sill has the beautiful ceilings with murals and gold trim. He got to try lots of things he's never had (or heard of) and it was quite fun.

Later we went to Filene's and I bought him two shirts, because they were on sale and I thought they would look good on him :-) By the time I got him home, jet lag was taking its toll and a pre- co-op nap was in order. He seemed to get on well with the co-op group (and it was nearly a full house) and a good time was had by all.

So today it was Show The Bit of Stuff Around the Office Day. That went well too and then I brought him home to make it Uninstall the Air Conditioner Day (as well as Shove all this Crap in the Closet Because the Landlord is Coming Tomorrow Day). Now, you may recall that it took me three days to get that thing in the window (1, 2, 3), but it only took him about 15 seconds to grab it and place it in the box in the next room. I think I need him to come back next June when I want it back in the window.

And he's handy for getting things off the top shelf too!

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